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Bharatanatyam is a very difficult word to spell, but more importantly, it is a major Indian classical dance style, originating in Tamil Nadu, India. I have been learning this dance form since I was 9 years old, and it has taught me not only the importance of expression of emotion, but also the religion of Hindusim.


Bharatanatyam has allowed me to grow in my artistic nature and has taught me the value of preserving my culture and knowing my ancestry. This past summer I was an instructor for local Bharatnatyam classes and I will be completing my Arrangatram (Final Graduation Recital) this upcoming summer!


In 2016, I performed in the cultural program for International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences at the Joslyn Art Museum. I won a Certificate of Excellence for my performance in the cultural program.


Here is a photo gallery of a few of my performances!


Operation Others is a group of high school students that work together during the fall season to collect food donations for the poor. Around Christmas time, we organize these collections and donations to make food bags filled with turkey, milk, assorted canned goods, bread, etc. for 2500 families in the Omaha Metro Area who experience food insecurities.


I am a representative of Marian High School on the Operation Others Core Team. I organize and coordinate the collection and distribution of the food bags and help deliver them to the families in need. 





I currently serve as the President of the Omaha Marian Chapter of FBLA. My junior year I was elected into the office of Vice President. Through FBLA, I have developed a strong network in the community of business in Omaha as well as learned several skills in the field of business. I competed at the America Business Competition at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and I have attended both 2018 and 2019 Fall Leadership Conferences. 


I attended the 2018 and 2019 State Leadership Conferences where I received:


6th place in Introduction to Business Communications

Honorable Mention in Intro to FBLA

Honorable Mention in Agribusiness


I was also awarded the Outstanding Sophomore of the Year Award.


As a part of FBLA, we are responsible for running the student-run coffee shop called the Blue Brew. Twice a week FBLA members have the opportunity to learn business skills and marketing skills by running the coffee shop. 


As President, I conduct and organize chapter meetings, oversee committee projects, create official letters and forms, and write reports for the conferences.


Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 1.49.30 PM
Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 1.49.30 PM

11th Grade

10th Grade

I started Speech & Debate my sophomore year, competing in Original Oratory and Extemporaneous Speaking. My Original Oratory was about the overconsumption of meat in America, and how we should gravitate to a more plant-based diet. With this piece, I qualified for the National Individual Event Tournament of Champions (NIETOC) in 2018. I traveled to Denver, Colorado to compete at the 2018 NIETOC and I finished as a Quarterfinalist.

As a team, we won the 2018 District Champion title. I was also awarded a Varsity letter for Forensics. 

Speech has given me a platform to amplify my voice and speak to create change. I love seeing the variety of teenagers speak about topics that are passionate to their hearts. Every round instills in me hope for the future when I hear students talking about essential concepts and ideas that are not discussed enough in society. This activity has given me confidence, purpose, and the fire to use my voice to create change. 

In June of 2019, I traveled to Dallas, Texas to compete at the National Speech and Debate Association Tournament. I competed in Original Oratory and advanced through preliminary rounds, octofinal rounds, quarterfinal rounds, semifinal rounds, and made it to the final round (Top 6) on the NSDA National stage! I finished in 5th place in the final round and was given a $500 scholarship for my achievement. 

My speech was about how we need to value solitude and alone time in a society that influences us to be hyperconnected and constantly stimulated by external factors!


In May, I competed in the NIETOC National Tournament in Original Oratory and advanced to the final round where I finished in 6th place. Later that month, I competed at the National Catholic Forensics League Speech Tournament in Wisconsin. I made it to the final round where I competed and won 3rd place overall!


Each year, I volunteer at the Alice Buffett Magnet Middle School Science and Engineering Fair. 

My freshman year in high school, I created a project called Steer Clear that developed a way to reduce the amount of roadkill in the world. I simulated ultrasonic sounds, only heard to animals, that would be radiating from the cars, which keeps the animals away from the uncomfortable sounds and off the roads. I used coding to create an online simulation of an environment that mimics our own. I created two simulation worlds and tested the effect of this ultrasonic device in both worlds. With this project, I attended the Metro Omaha Science and Engineering Fair, where I won a special award from the Greater Omaha Chapter of The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA). I was honored at a luncheon that showcased my project. The General U.S. Air Force Commander of the United States Strategic Command especially recognized my project with a U.S. Air Force badge.

Check out some articles in the news about my science fair projects!
Omaha World Herald
News Channel Nebraska
The Network - Marian High School 
Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo
2017 - AFCEA Magazine
2018 - AFCEA Magazine



I have been playing the violin since I was in 4th grade in elementary school. I continued to be a part of my middle school orchestra from 5th to 8th grade, and I played in the school orchestra in high school as well. 

At Marian High School, I am currently a part of the Honors Orchestra. Freshman year, I attended the NSAA District Music Contest and competed as a soloist on my violin. I performed Spring I by Vivaldi and received a SUPERIOR rating at the 2017 District Music Contest for my violin solo.

​Sophomore year, I was an instrumentalist at Marian's Annual Golden Grad Luncheon. This event is a reunion luncheon for the oldest group of graduates from Marian. I loved playing my instrument to provide nice music to the attendees. I also loved seeing the elderly graduates reunite after many years. This year, I also was a part of the orchestra pit for the 2017 Fall Musical, Hello Dolly! 

I participated in the University of Nebraska at Omaha's annual BOCH Festival, which is a state-wide audition-based orchestra.

I also competed at the UNO String Olympics Competition, winning an ensemble and solo award. 


Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 9.01.24 PM.png

I ran cross-country as a Varisty runner my sophomore year.



In my early high school years, I created my own business called Nail'D It!. The business plan included a subscription-based service that was a nail-salon-in-a-box so that you could turn a trip to the nail salon into an art project! I pitched this business idea at the Center for Entrepreneurship College of Business Administration at UNO Quick Pitch Competition. Competing against college students, I was a $300 award winner at this competition.

Read about it here: ​UNO Quick Pitch Competition

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